The year we started

We began in 2005, simply sponsoring 4 girls from 1 school


girls supported to date

The number has steadily increased over the last 10 years


enroll into university

We have alumni in local and international universities


schools in the program

We started with 1 school, and progressively expanded to 4

Precious Sisters Charity gives girls from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to receive a secondary education - a chance to shine.

We pay their school fees and provide mentoring support throughout all 4 years of scondary schooling - helpin them to realise their potential.

In Kenya, primary education is free, but secondary education is not. Many families cannot affored the school fees and so their children do not receive secondary education. In such cases, the girls, in particular, stay at home to do household chores or work on the land.

Thanks to our donors and sponsors, Precious Sisters makes a difference to the lives of these young women - giving them a chance to shine rather than being confined to the poverty in which they were born.

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