About Us



Precious Sisters is registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) under the jurisdiction of the NGO board in Kenya

Precious Sisters is registered as a Charity (1115306) under the jurisdiction of the Charities Commission in the UK

There are two boards of Trustees – One based in Kenya and the other in the UK.

How we are run

There are two boards of trustees, made up entirely of volunteers who are not paid and give their time to many of the tasks associated with running the charity. The UK board focuses on fundraising and marketing while the Kenyan board focuses on operational implementation and governance.
We have been a UK registered charity since 2006 and we registered as an NGO in Kenya in 2011. Trustees bring a breadth of experience from educational, charitable and business sectors and a number of trustees sit on both Boards.
As a charity that works primarily with children under the age of 18, we are guided by a Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy, which is attached

On the ground


Progamme Manager – Ann Waweru

“I joined Precious Sisters in 2013 and run the charity on a day-to-day basis in Kenya.”
Ann Waweru
I liaise with the schools’ administration on the key processes that we carry out through the year, ensure that our mission is delivered, on the ground in Kenya, the aims of the charity are met, as well as supporting the girls.

My most important work is supporting girls in school through 1-1 sessions during term time to ensure they keep to commitments made during mentoring events, ensure they keep to good study schedules and not dwelling on difficult home issues that could affect their academic performance. This kind of follow-up means I spend most of my time during term time doing school rounds.

From my session with the girls, the mentors’ notes and girls’ commitment forms, I write up information sheets for each of the girls that are updated every term. This forms part of the package I send to sponsors at the end of every school term. I update sponsors on the girls’ progress and Precious Sisters as a whole and answer questions sponsors may have on girls they are sponsoring or PS.

I delight in being part of PS, transforming the lives of girls from poor backgrounds from feeling lost in high school, suffering low self-esteem and worrying over school fees; to getting sponsorship, mentoring and support in school to girls that excel as leaders in schools, score highly in the KCSE and go on to excellent universities.
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Mentoring Progamme Officer – Rosemary Wambui

“My job with PS requires that I have a listening ear, a caring heart and an ability to give tough love when need be.” – Rosemary Wambui
My role helps me prepare our sponsored girls for their future and involves my visiting them every month during school term for one-on-one sessions to encourage them, as they share how they are doing academically as well as in other areas of their lives. At the end of the month I help prepare reports for the Board, and at the end of every term reports on each of the girls I see that are sent to their respective sponsors.

Once a term, I help in the mentoring event which has the girls coming together to learn, engage, and be mentored by others. Mentorship is indeed a crucial part of my work that helps ensure that the girls maintain their focus on education and that they utilise the opportunity to the best of their ability.

I also lend support to the alumnae, working with those preparing for university, helping them as they seek scholarship opportunities, and helping where we can by linking them with internship opportunities. We also train them on non-technical life-skills. Occasionally, I also assist with local fundraising where needed.

Mentorship is us holding their hand, to guide as they take their journey, having their back where needed and where we can, and helping them make the right career choices as they progress to university and beyond. As mind-sets are continually evolving, realistic plans are set for successful futures. It is heart-warming, exciting and encouraging watching the girls gain confidence, step out of their comfort zones, overcome their hurdles and grow.
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Our Trustees


Kenyan board


Jane Karuku
Chair Person
I am currently the Managing Director of Kenya Breweries Ltd, a Diageo subsidiary in Kenya. I have held a number of senior positions in leading organizations such as the President – Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Deputy Chief Executive Telkom Kenya Ltd and Managing Director ... Read more


Gerald Maithya

My sister Caroline was the inspiration behind the creation of Precious Sisters. She passed away at the age of four and I wanted to do something appropriate to celebrate her short life. The idea was to offer young girls from deprived backgrounds the gift of education and the chance to fulfill their dreams. Little did I know that this humble idea would touch the hearts of so many people who have kindly joined us in sponsoring the education and mentoring of these young and ambitious girls. ... Read more


Debbie Ajwang’-Ogada

I am an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Certified Company Secretary. My areas of specialty are Commercial and Banking law and Corporate Governance. I attended Precious Blood Secondary School, Riruta and thereafter Moi University, Eldoret where I attained a degree in Law. I am a member of ... Read more


Nick Macharia Kamunyu

I am a certified accountant and hold a MBA in Finance from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. I have over 15 years of leadership experience working in finance and commercial roles in the UK, Uganda, Mozambique and Kenya.
Education has always been an area of keen interest for me and I look ... Read more

Kimani Njoroge

Wallace Garland
I have lived in Africa for over twenty years and have seen how important education is. I am married to a Kenyan, and her family is able to what it does because my father in law was the first in his family to go to school.
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UK board



Mark Reckitt - Chairperson (UK)

I am a non-executive director and chair the Audit Committee at two FTSE 250 plc’s, Cranswick and Hill & Smith. I am a chartered accountant, and joined Cadbury Schweppes plc in 1989 working in both the beverages and confectionery businesses before joining head office in 2000 where I worked on ... Read more

Keith Sleight – Secretary (UK)
I first became aware of the work of Precious Sisters through my friendship with the founders Gerald and Connie, and realised what a simple and brilliant idea it is. Giving “Bright Girls the Chance to Shine” is a great cause. I have been very lucky to travel with work and through seeing different ... Read more


Mark Tomlinson - Treasurer (UK)

I am a chartered accountant and have worked for a number of Financial Institutions in the City over the last thirty years. My wife first became aware of Precious Sisters through the founder, Gerald Maithya when they both worked at Cadburys. We have been sponsors of girls through the charity for a ... Read more


Ute Oswald

I hold degrees in a number of subjects and am currently a doctoral researcher in the History of Medicine at the University of Warwick.

I first got involved with Precious Sisters in 2008, when a friend of mine, who at that time was a founding trustee, introduced me to this unique charity. Unique, as ... Read more


Sandra Ferreira

I came across Precious Sisters when talking to a friend of mine, Connie, who was one of the founding trustees, about wanting to get more involved with giving back to charity somehow especially those with a focus around supporting females. When she told me about the works that Precious Sisters does ... Read more


Paul Sinclair

I love the purpose and focus of Precious Sisters: enabling the development of talented girls by opening access to a secondary education they could not otherwise afford, and providing valuable mentoring to complement this education. I feel honored to serve Precious Sisters as a Trustee.

I joined ... Read more
Jane Karuku, Gerald Maithya and Wallace Garland also sit on the UK Board.