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Giving bright girls the chance to shine



Paying a girl’s school fees gives her the gift of an education. A chance of a better future. Mentoring supplements that gift by encouraging, supporting and guiding her - giving her the opportunity to realise her potential. To set an ambition. To pursue it with confidence.
To believe in herself!

How does our mentoring programme work ?

  • Bring the 113 girls from the 5 schools to one school in Nairobi, three times a year, at the start of each term
  • Include as many of the ‘alumnae’ as possible to join these weekend events.
  • We focus on three key messages for the girls :
    • Ambition
    • (Self) Belief
    • Commitment
  • 50 adults, all volunteers, join us to interact with the girls and act as mentors
  • Mentors lead a small group (3-5 girls) in a themed discussion during the morning, encouraging sharing of opinions, discussion, debate
  • Mentors hold 1-1 sessions with these same girls in the afternoon
  • Mentors are given comprehensive information about each of the girls
  • Mentors write up notes after each 1:1 session
  • Girls participate in public speaking exercises to help build their self confidence
  • External speakers talk about their careers, sharing what is involved in their type of work, what skills are needed to succeed and, in so doing, providing invaluable career insights and role modelling
After each mentoring event, we write Precious Times - a magazine style reminder of what we covered during the weekend, reinforcing the messages and learnings. This is written with the help of several of the girls who attended.
You can take a look at some recent editions below:

We employ two experienced managers - Programme Manager and Mentoring Programme Officer - who follow up on a 1-1 basis with each girl several times each term

Become a Precious Sisters mentor

If you are in Nairobi and can spare a Saturday, please join us for what are inspirational days mentoring these bright girls.

We provide training and guidance at the start of every weekend to the mentors but we don't script the discussions at all. We want our mentors to listen to the girls as much as possible. They are used to being talked to but not heard.


Quotes from our mentors




Closing The Loop


“Closing the Loop” is the concept of providing support to the girls that have been sponsored by Precious Sisters as they prepare for, and experience life at University. The need for the project comes from the recognition that their experience at school is very focused on academic success and not all girls are fully prepared for University.

From a poll taken in 2018, Precious Sisters alumnae were very clear that they would have appreciated support at three stages:-

1. In the last two years at school as they consider which university course is right for them.
2. In the 8-month period between finishing school and university they would appreciate learning skills such as communications, computers and basic financial management.
3. At university they would like Precious Sisters to continue mentoring and provide a structured support network of PS alumnae.

So far, we have had 5 groups undergo the training
Group 1
(May 2021)

The Class of 2020 that finished their KCSE in April 2021

Topics discussed were:

  • Life after high school and life in university
  • Courses, careers and employment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial Management
  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
    Group 2
    (July 2021)

    The high school students

    Topics discussed were:

    • How to prepare for KCSE
    • Courses and careers
    • Leadership
    • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
    • Life after high school and in university
    Group 3
    (August 2021)

    The ladies in their 3rd and 4th years in university, the recently graduated and the older alumnae from the Classes of 2013-2017

    Topics discussed were:

    • Entrepreneurial skills
    • Communication skills
    • Money Management
    • CV writing
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Interview skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Relationships
    Group 4
    (November 2021)

    The ladies transitioning out of their 1st to 2nd year and 2nd to 3rd year in university, from the Classes of 2018-2019 cohorts

    Topics discussed were:

    • Entrepreneurial skills
    • CV writing
    • Money Management
    • Interview skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Mental Health
    • Communication skills
    • Relationships
    Group 5
    (July 2022)

    The Class of 2021 that completed their KCSE in March 2022

    Topics of discussion were:

    • Life after high school and in university
    • CV writing
    • Interview skills
    • Communication skills
    • The career walk
    • Entrepreneurial journey
    • Money management
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Mental health
    • Relationships
    In addition to Precious Sisters staff, Ann and Rosemary, we had internal and external facilitators across all the trainings.

    A big Thank You to several alumnae who shared their experiences with their younger sisters, namely: Mary, Mariam and Mirriam (Class of 2009)
    Grace (Class of 2010)
    Sylvia (Class of 2013)
    Alice and Leah (Class of 2015)
    Mary, Leah and Faith (Class of 2017)
    Nancy and Lydia (Class of 2018)
    Maria and Sandra (Class of 2019)

    A huge Thank You as well to our external facilitators:
    from Storymoja - Muthoni, Evelyne, Faith and Barbara;
    Fridah from a financial institution;
    and other non-Precious Sisters university students - Mark, Boniface, Yuri and Kiilu.