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Each individual who sponsors a girl will receive regular updates on their progress.

Our sponsors in Kenya pay KES 60,000 a year, over the four years of Secondary School education.
For sponsors outside Kenya we have two rates of sponsorship. The lower level of £400 per annum, which is the same as the rate for Kenyan sponsors and covers the cost of school fees only.

We then rely on other donations to cover our other costs, primarily the cost of employing our two mentors who are based in Kenya. Our governance and administration costs are minimal and are normally about 4% of our total costs.
The higher sponsorship level of £700 covers all our costs.

Sponsors pay either in full at the start of the sponsorship, at the start of each academic year, or each month.
For those located in the UK, you can also donate through

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How do we select the girls ?

Our aim is to identify bright girls from disadvantaged backgrounds; girls who hopefully have the ability to win a place at university. Understandably, demand for a sponsored place at school is high. Our selection process aims to identify the girls who truly come from financially needy families and those who we believe have the academic ability to benefit from a sponsored place. The process is managed by the Programme Manager, with the involvement of some of the local trustees:
  • We go to the five schools that we work with soon after the new Form 1 girls arrive at school and ask the schools to give us a list of the girls whose families are struggling to pay the school fees
  • We ask each of the girls on this list to complete an application form which tells us about their family situation
  • Our Programme Manager interviews the girls and takes off the list any girls who do not seem genuinely needy
  • One of our Trustees and the Programme Manager interview the short listed candidates for a second time. This time we are looking to confirm the girl's poverty and also to assess how she has settled into secondary school. Is she likely to make the most of the chance?
  • We make offers to the strongest 30 candidates that we see across the five schools

What happens next ?

  • We meet the parents or guardians of each girl that we have selected to ask for their commitment to support and encourage their daughter, and also to ask for their commitment to Precious Sisters as we mentor and guide their daughter.
  • We write to potential sponsors, telling them all that we have learned about a girl and inviting them to sponsor her.


How will you be kept informed of the progress of the girls that you are sponsoring ?

Once a sponsor has agreed to support a girl the Programme Manager will write to the sponsor after the end of every term with the following :
  • A copy of the girl’s school report
  • A letter from the girl
  • An information sheet that we build up about each girl with details of all the interactions that we have with her
  • A letter from the Programme Manager with a general update on all the activities of the charity

As a sponsor you are free to write to the girl that you sponsor by sending emails to the Programme Manager who will pass on your message to the girl


What our sponsors have said